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This introduction is to give you a brief overview of Joseph C. Tate, who began his career of Auctioneering by specializing in the wholesale Automobile Auctioneering field. He has sold for all the major Wholesale  Auto Auction Corporations such as; Manheim Auto Auctions, ABC Auto Auctions, Adesa Auto Auctions, all throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and, Canada. Mr. Tate is a  licensed Auctioneer in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

In 1963 he became instrumental in spearheading the newly developed Wholesale Auto Auction's in the Country of Canada. First in Toronto Ontario and, later the first ever Auto Auction in Montreal, Quebec.

In the 1970’s, Joseph became an Auctioneer for the Collector Car Auction, "Auction America". Since he was also a Commercial Pilot & Flight Instructor, he would fly the Corporate Aircraft with Auction Crew to many of the sales. In this capacity he sold for "Auction America" throughout the United States including key states for Collector Car Auctions such as, Scottsdale Arizona, and in Buena Park California, for Cars of The Stars Museum, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Ohio, and Illinois.

He remained a part of the Auction Crew until “Auction America” was sold in the late 1970’s.

Continuing with Automobile Auctioneering, Joseph branched into the Construction Equipment Auctions. During the 1970’s and 80’s he joined with Wilson’s Industrial Auctioneers in Toronto, as assistance head Auctioneer, selling Construction and Industrial Auctions in every Province in Canada. Upon expansion to the United States Wilson’s Auctioneers appointed Joseph as Vice President and General Manager of its new Division, Wilson’s Auction International U.S. Inc. Thru 2017, Joseph has been active in Automobile Auctioning and, has added storage Auctions for National Corporation's such as Extra Space Storage Inc. National Storage Centers, throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and, Pennsylvania. More about Joseph and, our Auction’s  Scheduled for the whole year at,


  Graduate of Missouri Auction School : 
 TATE AUCTIONEERS Est. 1961, after Joseph's graduating in that year, from The Missouri Auction School in Kansas City. It is the oldest Auction School in the country and,  The # 1 Auction Training Program in America, that was founded in 1905. Joseph is proud to be a Graduate of such an Auction Training Program that is the largest and, the oldest  Auction School in the world. Joseph continues to service the needs of the Auction industry, by adding his experience and, expertise to  his added customers of the Self Storage Industry.  

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Joseph C. Tate

We conduct storage Auctions for national Corporate owned and independently owned self storage companies throughout Michigan, Ohio and, Pennsylvania. We have Auctions being conducted every month of the the year in the major metropolitan cities.
TATE AUCTIONEERS Est. 1961, continues to service the needs of the Self Storage Industry by generating "cash in one day the Auction Way" on non revenue accounts receivable. When you need to have an Auction, TATE is the GREAT WAY TO GO. 

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TATE'S the GREAT WAY to go.